Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a quote from another life.

I used to sell Mary Kay. I was pretty good at it too. I even bothered to do my makeup back then.... something I can hardly believe now since I'm so low-maintenance in that way.

Anyway, Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay was a wise woman. I've seen a lot of videos of her, read her biography, she really was an empowered, wise, big-dreaming lady. For an industry some might see as frivolous, she made her own empire on sheer will and drive and gave other women an opportunity to take charge of their lives.

No, this is not a commercial for make up and skin care. One her better known quotes keeps coming back to me here in my new life. It makes us much sense now as it did then, and I thought I'd share it with whoever finds this corner of the internet.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you're right. - Mary Kay Ash

The second part is probably the most important part. You've got to believe. I'm just gonna keep saying that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm proud of someone I've never met.

The internet, for all its security risks and instant gratification does have its benefits. I have met some AMAZING people thanks to the WWW. One person, who I've never met, never even had a conversation with, has got me all goosebumpy today. He's a fellow WLS patient and bariathlete. He attempted his first legit IRONMAN triathalon yesterday. He trained his heart out, sacrificed time with friends, family and his new fiance to give it a shot. He made it through the swim on pace, but apparently got wiped out on the bike with a lot of hills. He did not finish the event, and he is wise enough to know that he has done A LOT, and is proud of his attempt, "I'm totally stoked about what I accomplished and have done"

My hat is off to him for going for broke, giving it his all, and knowing when to stop. His story today reminds me that it's not important to DO great things, it's important to TRY to do great things. Success is in the belief in yourself!!

What great thing do you want to do? DREAM BIG!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Huh. Exercise can be social? who knew? :)

Years ago, I worked out with my best friend. She dragged me to the gym, I got her to do the Breast Cancer 3-day. I guess I knew even back then that if I was to keep up going to the gym, I needed an event as a goal. We walked together - a LOT.

Of course, once the event was over it was hard to stay motivated. Eventually, we fell out of our routine. Then she got serious about fitness and weight loss again. I didn't. I moved in with my boyfriend, had a long commute, was tired all the time, blah blah blah.

So, fast forward a couple of years. It's summer 2009 and I've just moved in with my mom temporarily. I return to the gym, deciding that it's time to take this exercise thing a bit more seriously than walking the dog (plus, time at the gym means time NOT at mom's). I fit the gym into my dinner break, after work, etc. Sometime in August, my brother-in-law and I decide to run a 5k together. I started training with the couch to 5K. I move into my new apartment. I'm taking a class, I'm training, I'm working.... I am ALONE.

The only other person I know that is running is in DC. That friend and I decide to run a race together in the spring, but otherwise, I'm on my own. I'm not complaining.... I'm super focused and goal driven and asthmatic and neurotic. I didn't want anyone else to be watching me try to reach these goals. Self-conscious: my dirty little secret.

I joined up with some fellow bariathletes on obesityhelp, and I love that I found them! We exchange ideas, advice, inspiration, and hardships. We are all over the world, but we know each other's challenges like few others do.

The DC race was great - but I didn't run WITH my friend. We actually ran two different distances at the same event, and we both did awesome. Together, but separate. I went home and rehabbed my knee injury, alone.

My half-marathon was to be alone too. Though I did get a good taste of some socializing. I started the race with two other surgery friends. One knew she would not run the entire event, she had been sidelined with an injury and was going to run/walk. The three of us ran together the first mile or so. That left two of us. We had never run together, but thought we might run similar paces. We ran together for about 6 miles and chatted on and off, which was great. I finally got to find out if I could converse while running - and I CAN! It really made the time fly. We finally had to split up since our paces no longer matched, and other than a few quick chats with fellow runners as i passed them or they passed me, I ran alone with my music.

Where am I going with this? Yesterday I met up with some other lovely ladies from the MA obesity help board. We walked at the cape cod canal. I drove an hour to get there with my crazy dog because I hate to leave him home when I have custody. I only got to walk the first hour with them because the dog was pooped, but it was a lot of fun. It wasn't about racing, it wasn't about timing, it wasn't about anything other than a group of people wanting to exercise and be fit and healthy and be together! Turns out, I need more of that in my life. I need more social time, I need more walking time. The summer humidity is a lot harder on me than I would have expected (I think I'm superwoman sometimes) and running is not where it's gonna be at all summer. I'm gonna fit it in where I can, but there's no reason to kill myself!

Plus, there are way more people to walk with than there are to run with! :)

I look forward to getting together with the canal ladies again, and with anyone else this summer to walk and enjoy nice places!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Rest is the best kept secret in the world of exercise. I know I feel guilty when I'm being lazy doing nothing, but really, the secret to to excelling and building muscle is to rest and give your body time to recover on a regular basis. For some, that means doing a different kind of exercise every day. Weight lifters don't lift every day, and if they do, they work different muscle groups each day.

When training for my 10 mile run, i ran 5 days/week and did NOTHING the other 2 days. I sure wish I had spent those two days weight training and only run 4 days. Live and Learn!

Now that I have some good strengthening exercises and stretches in my brain, I try to make sure to do those at least 2 days/week. They help improve my "runners knee" and keep up my leg strength to support my running. I do other exercises to work on my core, since your core (hips/abs) are what keep you upright doing anything. I have my PT guys and my chiropractor to thank for giving me tips for these.

I still like to have at least 1 day/week where i do nothing. no extra walking, no running, no weights. Maybe some stretching, cuz that always feels good.

Anyway, my point is... REST!!! You won't gain weight from a day or two of rest - as long as you eat within reasonable limits. ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

MapMyRun.com - Training Log for beaconeast

I do more than run. I walk. ok, so I'm not the best cross-trainer yet, but for now, I try and throw in walking. I entered into a challenge on mapmyrun.com to complete a marathon in month. My running doesn't count - so this is good, keeps me fitting in walks here and there. I've got a few 2 mile loops I do on my lunch breaks, but today I fit this near 4 mile loop in after work. It's the same thing i ran yesterday, but it went much smoother at a lower speed and lower humidity.

I try to make sure when I'm doing something "easy" to think about my form. shoulders back, hips forward. anytime I can think about form, it's good since when I'm struggling, those things go to hell pretty quick, but the more you are conscious of it, the better chance you'll do it right in a race or when you're in pain, or exhausted. Whatever i can do to ward off injury!!

MapMyRun.com - Training Log for beaconeast

Girl Talk: Why I Ran A Half-Marathon | The Frisky

Girl Talk: Why I Ran A Half-Marathon | The Frisky

I ran across this today, and having just completed my first half-marathon, I had to read it. This woman clearly felt a bit better than I did during her half, (I don't know for sure what this runner's 'high' is yet), but I at least had more confidence. :) I also wasn't afraid to walk - though it turns out that hurt more than running, so I just kept running despite wanting to stop!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

MapMyRun.com - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/20/2010

MapMyRun.com - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/20/2010

it's like pea soup outside, so I "only" did 4 miles. I wanted to do 5 or 6, but 4 miles is really plenty. It confirmed that after my July 4th 10K, I REALLY don't want to do any races in the summer. The humidity is murder on everyone's lungs, and with my asthma, it really blows.

There is no need to be a hero!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

MapMyRun.com - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/19/2010

MapMyRun.com - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/19/2010

Bariathlete's "pilot" episode

Yup, I'm gonna blog. I want to be accountable for my workouts, and I want to share tips, get tips, meet other bariathletes, other athletes in general and runners specifically!

What is a "bariathlete"?

I underwent bariatric surgery for weight loss - specifically the gastric bypass - in November of 2008. I was 34 years old and I weighed upwards of 270 lbs at my heighest weight and stood at 5'6. I am now maintaining a loss of over 120 lbs and have become a runner. I have been running less than a year, but am committed to keep pushing myself to run further, faster, and better.

My running resume, short, includes:
October 2009: 5K
April 2010: 10 Miler
May 2010: 5K
June 2010: Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
July 2010: 10K