Monday, February 14, 2011

You can tell how athletic I've been, since this is my first post of 2011

Taking a rest is good.  Taking nearly 3 months off...not so good, but what's done is done.  I'm well rested and developing a bad sleep pattern, so it's definitely time to exercise and see if that straightens me out.  It sure isn't going to make anything worse, that's for damn sure!

Part of the slacking was having a real lack of a goal.  Sure, J and are planning to run a Half and a Full in preparation for our 2012 Goofy Challenge, but without having pinned down events, we were just floating along doing nothing.  The weather (snowpocalypse every week!) and our dread of treadmills were not helping either.  So I picked a race and pretty much said "THIS IS IT".  We're slowly getting ourselves back on track, and even ran together this past weekend.  Just two miles, but we've got to ease our way back in.

Oh, and speaking of the Goofy Challenge, check out the cool shirt J had made for us for Christmas!

and BACK:

We wore these on our first race of the year, a 5 Miler on New Year's Day.  Lots of the runners knew what it meant, and a few had plans to go to Disney the following week to run the Half or the Full.  No one had taken on the Goofy yet...  I did know someone who did the Goofy this year - He ran the Half in less than 2 hours and the Full in less than 4.  REMARKABLE.  I'm not entirely sure what my goals will be, but I sure as hell will not finish a marathon in under 4, even if I sleep the whole day before, nevermind run a Half!!  :)

Anyway, May 1st I hope to run a Half Marathon in Providence, RI, and possibly another one on June 4th in Worcester, MA.  I'll need to find some other races between now and then, but for now, I've got a training schedule to work with.  WOOT!  It feels good to have some real goals to work with. 

So I'll throw it out to the internet - I'd like to run a 2:15 Half this year.  My best was a 2:20 last year, so here's hoping!