Monday, March 14, 2011

let's see if I can do a meme athletically... or not.

A = Age: 36, for a little while.
B = Bed size: queen, perfect for one or two people. :)
C = Chore you dislike: vacuuming.  I seem to avoid it like the plague, and would rather run 10 miles than do it.
D = Dogs: PJ, the best pug on earth
E= Essential start to your day: Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate), double skim milk
F = Favorite color:in athletic wear: black and/or neon pink.
G = Gold or silver: Silver or White Gold.
H = Height: 5′6.
I = Instruments you play(ed): I used to sing.
J = Job title: Sr. Development Researcher.  You don't wanna know.
K = Kids: um, cats.
L = Live: Greater Boston
M = Mom’s name: Gerry.  I used to joke that I was one of "Jerry's kids".
N = Nicknames: Sue, SueBee, Suzie, Auntie Sue, Snoozy, Skinny Bitch
O = Overnight hospital stays:birth, Gastric Bypass Surgery 11/08 (2 nights), Emergency Hernia repair 12/09 (2 nights), Abdominal pain 2/10 (1 night), Abdominal pain 3/11 (1 night)
P = Pet peeves:people who run races and run more than 2 abreast.  It's a RACE, we're going to PASS! make room.
Q = Quote from a movie: "You like apples?  I got her number, how do you like THEM apples?!" and the ultimate: “Nobody puts baby in the corner!”
R = Righty or lefty: Righty. 
S = Siblings: One biological sister.  Some other ladies I consider "sisters". and my Pakistani brother. Oh, and my mom's dog, Bella, is my "sister"
T = Time you wake up: weekdays - 7ish.
U = Underwear: often not when i run.
V = Vegetables you don’t like: most.
W = What makes you run late: need more sleep!
X = X-rays you’ve had: ankles, wrists, abdomen, teeth, knees
Y = Yummy food you make:  pot roast in the crock pot.
Z = Zoo animal favorites: big kitties (lions and tigers), penguins

Monday, March 7, 2011

sometimes it's not distance or speed, it's just doing it. (long and rambling, sorry)

So, I've been a runner for over a year now. Got a few races under my belt. After my last half, the burnout started. I know some of you have experienced that motivation decline once your "big event" of the season is complete. I had other races planned afterwards, but really didn't exercise much during the week, just a few weekend races here and there. And then there was all the snow, and I hate the treadmill. You know the drill. I haven't been shy about my lack of activity.
I got back into the swing of things mid-February. Treadmill, elliptical, building back my cardio, thrilled to discover that my legs still have some distance in them. Then my grandmother died. I missed the call that she was fading fast that day because I was at the gym doing intervals (and I'm ok with that). I didn't run again that week.... but i was back running the next week, finally able to run outside, and was finally getting some of that cardio back.

Then Thursday I found myself in horrendous pain. It started out as discomfort, and it progressed all day. I left work at lunch, went home, took GasExx, drank peppermint tea, put a heating pad on my belly, but finally called my surgeon to ask what to do. After explaining my situation, they advised me to go to the ER. I was Xrayed, CT scanned and given morphine (not in that order). They finally admitted me telling me that they could see gas and stool in my intestines. I passed gas finally and the pain resolved, but due to fear of a partial blockage or hernia, they wanted to observe me for a day. I left the hospital Friday at 5pm. I took it easy on Saturday, but frankly, felt fine.

According to my training plan, I was due to run 5 miles this past Sunday. I've yet to run more than 2 without needing to give my lungs a walking break, but I wanted to fit in as much mileage as I could, even if I had to walk it.
I decided to break up the mileage and run to a cafe where my boyfriend would meet me and have lunch, and then after waiting for digestion, I'd run home again. Total mileage: 4.5

I ran all but 1 minute of this 2-part run, and it felt as good to complete it as did my last race. It was raining, it was gray outside and I'm struggling to get my stamina back, but I KNOW I can do this. I WANT to do this. It's ok to take things slow and be SMART about pushing myself without hurting myself. I felt like a rockstar.

I'm COMING back people!! :)