Monday, August 23, 2010

races, races, more races...

I'm training for my second Half Marathon right now.  It's going pretty well.  I ran 6 miles yesterday in the rain on a very boring (but flat!) route without much effort. My schedule called for an 8mile run, but weather and other circumstances gave me a shot a 6 miles and I'm not complaining. 

My event schedule is looking like this: 
September 12 - 26.2 mile charity walk
September 19 - 5K road race ("rematch" with my sister and my nephew's debut where he will likely leave us in the dust)
September 25 - 1+ Mile walk - Walk From Obesity
October 10 - 13.1 mile road race (Half Marathon) with my "other" sister. 

It's really good to have the weather turn cooler and have events to look forward to!  I am definitely feeling so much more motivated than I was a month ago.  I confess to be running a bit less due to falling into a relationship, but i'm sure we will eventually fall into a rhythm with our schedules.  He's got a few races (bike) coming up, so he wants to make sure to get his workouts in too.  In fact, he's just started playing indoor soccer after several years out of the game, and it was interesting to see how the sprinting took the life out of him.  Looks like I might do my speed work when I'm with him, since we both can benefit!  100 meter races against my boyfriend?  Whole new way to get hot and bothered, I suppose!  :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the heat just melts the motivation right off of me

It's true.  I have not enjoyed running this summer.  Really hot, really humid.... blech.  And the treadmill?  I'd usually rather kill myself.  When I run outside, it's usually in a loop, so the scenery keeps changing.  A treadmill means it NEVER changes.  The wind doesn't blow for relief, you don't see a kid, a cat, a dog, nothing, so I'm pretty committed to running outside whenever possible.

Outside.  In the sun.  The breeze might bring relief, or a rush of even hotter air.  or thick, wet air.  Breathing is near impossible (and I have sports enduced asthma), so my body's natural instinct is to NOT RUN.  It's self preservation!

But, I run.  Somedays I don't meet my distance goal, and that's ok.  I try my best.  I bitch and complain. Why?  Because every once in a while, I'll catch a cool (under 80 degrees) night, low humidity, and energy to burn.  I'll run further than I think I can go, and sprint the last mile.  The right song will come on my MP3 player, and I'll start singing along while I run, or even be tempted to throw in some dance moves.  I'll feel AWESOME.

so who cares about those tuff days?  The good days feel soooooooooooooooo good!